Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The note from the teacher....this is unbelievable!

Hi there, it's me again! And of the course the only time I even bother blogging is when I am irritated, and boy am I ever! I was presented with a unusual situation today. At least I think it is a little strange.

 Okay, so most people know I have kids with special needs. If there is a diagnosis out there it seems to live under my roof. We deal with aspergers, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and CP on a daily basis. So needless to say, life is interesting, and at times a little hectic. I get all kinds of notes from my youngest sons teachers. Most them are normal notes, and some of them are borderline crazy! I got one of those today, and boy did it ever rub me the wrong way!

So, guess what, I am not the perfect mom!! Surprised?  I'm not saying I'm not a good mom, cause I think I do a fairly good job, and the praise I received from my children's developmental specialist actually made me blush (and I have it in writing)! I have actually been described as a mother who does an "excellent" job at locating and maintaining services for her children.  My kiddos are loved, fed, sheltered, and I keep them dressed. But, apparently I haven't dressed my youngest up to certain standards, at least I haven't over the past couple of days. I honestly didn't even know that someone was keeping score, but obviously they have been. 

So, this all starts when I get a note home from my sons teacher. Apparently the lightweight sweatshirt that I have put on him the last couple of chilly mornings is to small! Yes, I actually realized this, but since he apparently didn't make it home with his two "good" light jackets at some point and time, and I can't really afford another one, especially since summer is right around the corner, and hopefully at least one of his good ones will turn up, I didn't think it was a huge deal. 

So I did it, I sent my son to school in a jacket that is to small for him (gasp)! Oh the horror, someone should lock me up and throw away the key, I guess!! 

It just really amazes me though that someone would send me a rather condescending little note about my sons smallish jacket. I'm not sure how to handle this situation. Should I ignore it? Maybe send him back to school in the same old jacket tomorrow, just to prove a point? Should I run out and buy a new one? Send notes of contrition and apologies to his teachers? 

Maybe I should send a apologetic note, so here it is! My note to my sons teachers concerning the horrible thing I did!  

Dear great and revered teacher(s) of my youngest child, ,

I am so full of remorse for the obvious blasphemy that I have committed. Why would I ever send my son to school in a jacket that is to small for him? I realize that school is very important, I realize that how my child dresses is important, Lord knows I wouldn't want him to be judged harshly in his tight jacket, that he had to endure,  for the small amount of time he was on the bus.  This was due to the unseasonably chilly mornings we have been having, and the obvious loss of TWO good jackets, somewhere between school and home (have you ever thought about sending a note to the Powers that be, requesting an end to the unseasonable chilly weather, that is a great idea, maybe you should start a petition).  But I digress...

 I realize the bus is such a wonderful place, where loud country music is played on the radio, teaching my children all kinds of  interesting "vocabulary"  and cute little songs (since you are so worried about my children, maybe you would like to explain to my six year old why "Mary has a little lamb", and why she just don't give a "damn" anymore, because I am getting tired of trying to explain that one)!  Bullying abounds on the bus, we all know that !  God forbid my son be inappropriately attired, even for a day or two, after all, we all know what is truly important, especially when it comes to riding the bus! 

I don't blame you for being so petty, after all, haven't I caused the school system a world of problems in the past, advocating for my children (shame on me)! But, I thought we were finally past that, I thought we had actually come to a sort of understanding!  Don't I bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut with every snotty little note? As I try my best to maintain a "good relationship" with my children's school? And, I know his tight jacket is way worse than the fact that he has actually fell into the trash can at school, not once, but twice?  Not to mention the fact that he has come home with several black eyes, after "falls", all of this, without one complaint from myself;  the horrible mother who put last years jacket on her son!    Please don't call CPS on me, and please, please, don't call the fashion police.......

The worlds worst, but most apologetic, and full of regret,  fashionably insensitive mother 

Thank you very much for so kindly pointing out the fact that the sleeves are way to short on his jacket, I actually couldn't see that for myself! Being such a dumb, illiterate, single mother, who doesn't know how to dress her children......who just happens to hold three college degrees, and who works like a dog, every single day to get the best possible education, therapy, and medical treatment for her children, and still has to put up with petty busy bodies, who wouldn't know what to do if they actually had to live one day of my life! 

I guess what I am really trying to say; is why do you have enough time to send notes home about my sons tight jacket? I mean is that the biggest problem we have going right now? Couldn't we put more effort into, lets say, potty training, or social skills? What else is there to do? Other than sit and discuss my failings as a parent with substitute teachers (yep, I know all about that one), and bemoan my obvious lack of fashion etiquette for five year old little boys!  

So what do you think! I won't really send this, though I'd love to! But, I am planning on some sort of reply. I obviously can't ignore this. I mean, how incredibly rude! I would never talk to a parent like that, and having worked with children and their parents, I have never done such a thing!! 

Well I guess I'll step down off my soapbox. I am so thankful the school year is nearly over! I miss homeschooling so much! But, at least that is always a option...if things get to crazy!

Have a great night (or day), and please, do society a favor, dress your children appropriately...and never, never, get in a hurry, and stick a jacket that is to small on their poor little bodies. If you do, you may regret it! I sure do!! Imagine, being worried about seizures, medications, 6 hour transports to the doctor, anxiety, and IEP meetings. When I obviously should have been thinking about fashion instead! Shame on me! Okay, I'm done!

Good Night,


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