Saturday, April 20, 2013

Open letter to nosy busybodies who should get a life.....seriously!

 To whom it may concern:

Good morning! I'm irritated this morning. I don't like being irritated! It isn't like I don't question myself enough...

Do I do enough for my kids?

Am I a good enough mother?

 How can I possibly keep up with all of these "wonderful" parents who do no wrong?

 I mean, I am here for my kids, every single day of their lives, I have been with them almost every moment since their births. Except God forbid the few moments I have grabbed for myself, which probably adds up to a few hours of my children's entire lives.

 I take my children to multiple appointments, argue with doctors and school staff, open my home to people I normally wouldn't, I make enemies, and lifelong friends.  I have logged in hours and hours of driving, spent thousands of dollars in gas. I cuddle on the couch, watch "Thomas the Tank Engine" and multiple Super-Hero and Transformer movies. I worry, I cry, I pray!  I don't do these things because I "have" to, I do them because I love my kids, because I want the best for them.  Am I perfect? Absolutely not! But, I am sure I could do a lot worse. is my advice to you, and you know exactly who you are. Instead of speculating and talking about me behind my back, why not come and live my life for a few days. You are more than welcome to see if you can do a better job! I don't mean to sound petty, but I am really tired of opinions, and the fact that you are brave enough to talk to others, but you won't dare say what you think, to me. That says it all, I guess!

 So you just keep talking, and I'll keep on doing what I do!  I'll keep loving my kids, and I'll keep being me.Know that in the long run of things, you are just a small glitch in my very large life! You could never handle half of what I have endured, or do what I do on a daily basis. That is why God gave "me" my children, and that's why he didn't give them to a petty, small minded person, such as you! 


The mother who loves her kids more than the world, and who obviously isn't up to your standards, but who could really care less about you and your petty small town standards, narrow mind, and big mouth!!

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