Saturday, January 19, 2013

Creative writing prompt...

I am already slacking on my blog. So I decided to use blog prompts to try to get the creativity flowing again, I love these things. I decided to do a creative writing prompt from duolit

“A knock on the door in the middle of the night never means good news…”

.....she had discovered that the hard way. At first she thought she was dreaming, but the knocking became louder, pulling her out of her drug induced sleep. She craved sleep so much lately, but couldn't sleep without her little pill. She crawled out from under the covers, reaching groggily around in the dark for her robe. The clock said 3 a.m.  
Her first thought was of her ageing mother, maybe something happened, then her thoughts ran to her teen daughter, but she was home by now, right? As she stumbled down the hall she peeked into her daughters room, relieved to see her slumbering form, hand hanging off the bed, resting on a picture that had been knocked onto the floor. She didn't have to look to know whose picture it was. 
The knocking persisted. "I'm coming" she called as she made her way carefully down the stairs in the dark.  She opened the door and peered out into the wet, and dreary night.  He stood there, he hadn't changed at all, his coat collar pulled up around his ears, as if he could block the rain, as if he needed to. 
She gasped, "you shouldn't be here" she said.  "I had to see you" he replied, reaching out as if to touch her hair, his hand paused in front of her face, knowing it was useless.  "I believe I am dreaming" she said, as the tears started streaming down her face. He didn't reply, just watched her crying with a sad expression on his face, as if he longed to comfort her.  "I'm sorry" he said quietly, "I wish it had never happened".  He stepped back from the door, and began walking. She watched him until he faded from her sight, disappearing in the fog.  
Wiping her tears she pulled the door closed,  and made her way back up the stairs, the clock said that only minutes had passed, it felt like hours.  She slipped silently into her daughters room, softly moving her daughters hand she picked up the picture of him, standing proudly in his uniform, smiling as if he would live forever. She quietly placed the picture back on their daughters night stand, and whispered, "I miss you so much, I wish it had never happened either". Then she made her way back to her lonely bed, to try to sleep, and dream of better times. 


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